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Beauty out the window! Anyone else have major facial hollowness?

Hi everyone!

Iíve posed here a few times regarding the changes to my facial appearance. I just want to know if anyone else is in the same boat as meÖ

My jaw has been locked (right disc does not recapture) for 2.5 years and over that time my face has changed significantly (I am able to open around 30mm). I first noticed that the sides of my face sunk in and then my temple area soon followed. Over the past 7 months Iíve noticed that my upper cheek area, under my eyes has completely deflated. Now I am left with dark circles, loose/sagging skin, and no fat along side my nose (I looke tired and old!). I am 30 and definitely look like Iíve aged 15 years in a matter of 7 months! Fortunately, I do not have any pain and my biggest complaint aside from the changes in my face would be occasional neck stiffness/pain.

Iíve done TONS of research on line and of course I canít find any sites that talk about fat loss to face. All I can find is swollen jaw muscles!! Can anyone relate? I was actually starting to think about getting fat injected back into my cheeks so I look semi-healthy again. I canít even imagine what I am going to look like in another 2 years!

Any input would be greatly appreciated!!! 

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