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Re: Beauty out the window! Anyone else have major facial hollowness?

Trudy - I've only been going there for a couple months (3 visits total). The first time I went, they had me see doctors from a few disciplines. There were a couple professors, residents and a pain psychologist helping me. After speaking with them for about an hour or so they decided they would go with the lower soft splint and NTI. Before this, I was wearing a night guard and a hard upper splint. They also had me take a 2 hour biofeedback session with one of their technicians which went over posture, trigger points, and all that fun stuff which I'm sure you're familiar with already.

I'm not seeing significant improvement (yet), but with the complimenting physical therapy that I have my first appointment for tomorrow, I hope to see positive results. However, if the physical therapy doesn't work I don't know what route I plan on taking. I'm hoping the doctors at Tufts have plan B, C, D, and E for me but who knows. They did try prescribing me muscle relaxants after I told them I wasn't seeing improvement, which I promptly rejected because I've tried them before and they were no help.

As for the price, the NTI and lower splint were $550 a piece but my insurance covered most of that. The consult I believe was around $100 which ended up being a $20 copay for me and each subsequent visit after that was copaid as well. I'll try to keep you updated on how much they continue to charge me, but I haven't seen the most recent bills yet.

I highly recommend that you try them out though, as they are the most knowledgeable and studied doctors I've seen treating TMJ disorders so far. I've seen dentists, oral surgeons, orthodontist, and a neurologist.

I'm being careful not to miss anything, so sorry for the long post, all.

Sunflower - My jaw doesn't lock, but everytime I swallow I can hear a crunching or crackling sound coming from my ear/jaw area.