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recent signs

I have had many head injuries but I had a blow to the back of the head a few months ago that has left me with some issues. Ive had trouble with my vision and spacing out and involentary head movements plus other symptoms i just learned are symptoms of partial focal seizures. I have seen my doc just a few days ago and told him about some of the spacing out confusion and flashes and shimmering streaks in my vision and he set mme up for an MRI and thinks it could be a torn retina and the fact i was on an antibiotic at the time. some symptoms had started before the antibiotics. i got concerned last night when i was getting tired and trying to watch a movie with my friend. I got nauseous and light headed. i can recall the flashes in my eyes and then i couldnt stop my head from jerking to the left. i didnt hear my friend asking me what i was looking at or if i was ok till i was able to stop and relax. I told him i was just tired cuz i though because i wasnt sure what to think about it. i was worried because that isnt normal for me so today i checked up on seizures since i know its possible to have epilepsy after injury to the brain. sure enough my symptoms are too close for comfort.

Im nervous to ask my doc about it since mentioning it to my husband. hubby kinda gave me that look like i was over reacting. he dont seem the least bit concerned at all and my friend didnt even comment on it cuz he dont want to get in the middle of our discussions. I may have to get him alone and ask him about it so im not putting him on the stop between hubby and i.

one thing that had me confused and not willing to tell my friend it coulda been a seizure was because i remembered so much. today i read alot about it and found out that many people with partial focal seizures can remember the seizure.

I want a place to turn to for tips and support if i find out for sure that i am having seizures. If anyone has any info or tips on talking to doc and hubby please feel free to tell me anything. when i have an issue i tend to be a sponge for info.

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