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Re: recent signs

thank you so much. im sure it is from a head injury i had a few months back. I've had more blows to the back o my head then anyone should ever have to get. the last time i hit my head i had a laps in time and hubby thought i was ok cuz it didnt knock me out but i was unrespocive for about 10 mins. ever since ive been getting lashes and spots in my vision when i suddenly get tired. 2 times have i actually had odd mouth movements. forced head turning and i blink rapidly. scariest thing is i know its happening and i get freaked out but dont know what to do with myself. last time i tried to lay down when i couldnt stop the blinking and then i was sitting back up with my head turning to the left and dropping over and over. my friend asked me if i was alright and i didnt know what to say when i relaxed i just told him i was tired. he dont remember though since he was not in his right mind at the time. now every time i get that tired feeling in my eyes and head and start to see spots and flashes i get worried and hubby dont seem to want anything to do with it.

I hope my doc will be more understanding and help me figure it all out. i got the MRI tomorrow at noon and im scared of the dye burning me up like the CT scan dye did with my abdominal scan