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Re: any precautions you can take? special clothes or mattresses?

There are a lot of myths about SIDS. My sister died from it as a baby as well. Basically its for some unknown reason the baby stops breathing while in sleep. We cant prevent the body to quit working. However, if there is risk in the family, there is a monitor available. The monitor is wires attached to the baby, and if the child stops breathing or a wire is moved, an alarm will go off--in the even that happens, the baby is startled awake, and so the parents. The child if stopped and alarm go off, wiill breathe as startled awake. There are suffocation myths, and myths about how the child should lay when put to bed. I've seen it go from the child sleeping on back to front, front to back...I personally think, the side is the best position, however, to keep pillows away and blankets that can suffocate the baby. (thats why there are those really warm sleepers). You should also talk to your ob about these concerns and your lamaze coach..dont be afraid to ask and learn

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