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Re: question please answer it would mean a lot

hi i have been self-harming for almost 2 years so not really that long but i am forteen so im glad that that is all. I told a teacher about how i self harm, well she made me tell her otherwise she would never have left me alone but i know that this i not good advice but if i had the chance to tell them again i would keep it to myself because it stresses you out, thank god my friends have not found out because i am very loud, hyper and naughty at school and they would not understand and like you cassie would think i was doing it for attention, the thing is i hate it when people think that you where doing it for attention because its not like you would want the attention from people thinking you are nad and its a bit extreme self-harming for no real reason. Kmit what is a amnesiac delusinal dream?and what is it like being in a phsyc ward because it really sounds scary.

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