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Re: recent signs

Yeah, good luck w/the MRI! The dye isn't that bad, really. They don't use a heck of a lot. And they don't always use contrast, either! It can't hurt to see a neurologist and definately have an EEG.

I had a major blow to the back of my head this past January and it took a looooong time for the funky symptoms to dissipate. I had a seizure (oh, I was diagnosed with adult-onset Epilepsy 3 yrs. ago) as I was leaving the shower, I smacked my head on some sort of very hard, pointy surface (vanity? wooden laundry basket?) and lost consciousness. When I awoke there was blood everywhere.

The hubby forced me to the ER where I needed stitches and proceeded to have yet another complex partial seizure and the doc made me have a head CT. A mild concussion, or what I call, really rattling your brain in its cage, can truly do a number on you. I was seeing spots in my line of vision for weeks...not to mention the dizziness, fatigue and nausea. (and increased seizure activity.)

But again, an EEG can't hurt.

All the best!

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