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Re: any precautions you can take? special clothes or mattresses?

Originally Posted by skbrmom View Post
The latest thing I have learned about preventing SIDS is to have a fan running in the babys room but not directly blowing on the baby!! Studies have concluded that the circulating air can drastically reduce the number of SIDS deaths each year! What a simple thing to do!
Dont fear SIDS. Just assume that your baby will be just fine. Common sense goes a long way towards raising a healthy baby. Just enjoy your new baby! Congratulations to you, in advance!
I just have to comment on this thread. First of all, there isn't a thing you can do to prevent SIDS from happening. Everyone has their own theories on what can prevent it, yet nothing has been proven. One will say put a fan in the room because the air circulates and helps them breathe, yet another will say that the white noise the fan creates can cause them to fall too deeply into their sleep. Whatever. It's just a bunch of thoughts and ideas that "may or may not" help prevent it, but none will prevent it alone.
I used to be a SIDS instructor for the Back to Sleep campaign. I taught clients the ins and outs of SIDS, what to do to "prevent" it from happening. I thought because I was so educated in it, that my babies would be safe. It was a false sense of security. My baby died in April to SIDS. Common sense alone isn't going to get you anywhere when it comes to this horrible thing! No matter what you do right, no one is truly protected from it!
Comments like this are very irritating, and insulting to those of us who have lost a baby to SIDS.

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