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Good news :-)

Just wanted to let everyone know that my mom is doing great since she has returned home from 2 months in rehab after suffering from a broken hip. We can't believe it! In rehab, we were having to feed her, she was wearing a catheter, she was mostly in a wheelchair, she was very moody (we thought due to ritalin the rehab put her on), and we were not sure that my Dad was going to be able to handle her. She has been home about 3 weeks now and she is feeding herself (she is eating 3 meals a day, but still sort of picking), the catheter is out and she is using the bathroom (mostly by herself-we walk her there, but the rest is her). She is walking up and down stairs (assisted) and has even gone out to restaurants to eat and out for visits to relatives!!!
Her primary care has taken her off ritalin. Her moods are calm. She is doing wonderful.....well, as wonderful as can be expected, with her mind only half there.
Just thought I would share the good news. So far, so good!! Only issue is that she has only gained back 1 lb. out of the 12 she lost in rehab.
After 2 months of major stress, I feel like I have a bit of a reprieve...and so does my although it may not last...we can take a breathe.
Have a good nite and for all those who may not be having an easy time are in my prayers.

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