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Re: Baby with downs syndrome sleep

my son has downs syndrome too hes just gone 1 and had a large VSD he had surgery in march this year 2 correct it and was home within 6 days of being at leeds LGI he use to sleep for hours and we had to wake him for his feeds he ended up being tubefed for a while but now he sleeps for 10 minutes a day we call this his power nap then hes awke and u wud think he had had bout 24 hours sleep hes very loving yet very hyperacctive he wakes 3-4 times a night for no reason its hard work as i am only 21 and have an older son who is at school too. i took my son to see the doctor about him not sleeping and having me up all night they advised me alter his diet a touch and see if it helped it did abit as he loved bannana i think thats wot was duin it for him it made him wide awake now he wakes 2 times a nite coz i only allow him to eat bannana once a week now