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Gave up and living with Acne

I remember the day (no exaggeration) my acne began. It was during the summertime when I was 11 years old. Towards the end of the day, the sun was setting and we were sitting outside, my face started to itch. Oh my god my face won't stop itching, it was insane i couldn't think and it was starting to hurt to scratch. we rubbed my face with alcohol, we got the calamine lotion, we even put some toothpaste on it nothing stopped the itching. I ended the night with a cold towel on my face. The next morning, bloop. Pimple. On my face. Granma said not to mess with it so i didn't. More bloops appeared. About a year later and in a different city My aunt dorothy decides she can't stand my pimples and wants to pop them. I didn't want her to and wouldn't let her. She then tells me how there are worms living in my face. Popped one and showed me the "worm". I've been picking at my face since. I've had acne since. I tried all sorts of astringents, home remedies and what not. I would like something that isn't time consuming, doesn't cost a lot (I'm talking around 5 dollars) and works. I haven't come across that yet so I'm living with my acne. I've thought about trying proactive and I don't really want to have to spend 30 dollars every month for the rest of my life so I live with my bumps.

I've had varying degrees of acne the last 15 years. Sometimes it's the deep painful ones. Sometimes a rash of blackys appear and sometimes its mysterious clusters and others (these are the ones i like) that when you squeeze them out they are gone and done for.

I think I'm going to pick up the search again for something that works.

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