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Re: Anybody use a cane? (2 months post-op calcaneal osteotomy/tendon transfer, PTTD)

Originally Posted by LisaBdot View Post
YAY! Got the go-ahead. I'm to use the walker with full weight bearing, then switch to a cane, then no cane, as I feel comfortable. The cane is supposed to be just for balance. All of that while still in the boot.

My surgery was for a torn posterior tibial tendon (repaired, then bolstered with another tendon), and involved moving my heel bone over and screwing it into place. While you could still see where the bone was cut, it looked fuzzy. Earlier, the line was quite definite. My doc was pleased with the healing (said I'm "ahead of the curve!").

At first it seemed counter-intuitive to have the cane on the good side, but I'm getting the knack of it. I got a quad cane--its sturdiness seems comforting. He cautioned that, while they are that, they also have more bits that can grab and trip you. Aaaand...I've already done just that. I'm wearing very stretchy knit pants these days, and managed to grab the hem with the rubber tip of one of the cane's prongs. Luckily, I was next to a wall and just leaned real hard. (Grandma Lil used to call that an "awakening.")

I have tried to walk a bit just carrying the cane. Wow, but my heel does hurt. Tomorrow, I'll work on mechanics of walking with my PT.

I'm feeling pretty positive right now.
Will be 10 weeks postop next Tuesday. Tonight I walked with a cane with just regular running shoes on. It's more comfortable then that (boot) - just had to try it. My doctor
didn't give me the okay to do that yet so I don't want to push it as I don't know if I can
do damage. Has anyone out there started full WB at ten weeks???? let mer know please