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Re: Anybody use a cane? (2 months post-op calcaneal osteotomy/tendon transfer, PTTD)

Yes. I was 9 weeks post-op when given the go ahead to start full weight bearing as tolerated. For me, that meant down the hall one time while pushing the walker. That was it for day one, and I felt like Rocky Balboa dancing on the steps, music soaring.

After that, I worked up to it gradually, trying to be smart and not overdo. I found I needed to ice a little more regularly again, and take some tylenol.

The part of my foot that got the most sore was the outer rim of the sole. I thought that was so weird because it hadn't been surgically assaulted. My PT pointed out that I haven't walked on that part of my foot in decades--naturally it was sore. Sort of an, "oh yeah, duh" moment.

I've been singing the praises of Arnicare Gel all over the place--it's been an amazing help. I thought it was just for bruises, but it's been even better for sore muscles. Probably any high quality arnica containing gel or cream would do as well. My pharmacist ordered it for me (your's will too, just ask. It usually only takes a day or two to get something that way). Now they stock it since I had such a good experience with it, and are selling bunches to other equally delighted people. I've found the best pain relief if I put it on three times a day, with the heaviest slathering just before bed.

Back to walking--I only had one setback, and it was my own fault. Went to WalMart for the first time without my Roll-a-bout, walked ALL over the store, and ... had to go back into the boot for a week. So be smart. Take it easy.

From this moment on, you will just be amazed at your improvement, I bet.

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