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Re: Gave up and living with Acne

please stop Picking I am a big picker infact started a thread as I got to a point it wa sa few times a day, I ahve had Acne , bad hormonal pregancy acne like someone throw acid at my face , when i popped that it was getting that green stuff out (which was infexted and I shouldnt have I probably spread it partly myself)

funny you should mention Proactiv but I just started on it (did it after the aboce happened and it helped alot so much I stopped using it ! (bad move) then I got it back slowly year after year it got worse, then I discovered the Sunbed made it better (but its masks it and now understanding not the best thing then when you stop as I have well all hell breaks lose!)

I have Tried let me see..many of the ranges!!! you can buy in say Target Neutrogena, Ponds, Olay, then things like Clinique, Clarins $$$ brands, then some Organic line off Ebay loved that for a while but then I broke out... then saw a Murad informmercial and tried that , which was the last one I tried but I didnt like it BUT you know what yot gotta find something that works for you...theres not one answer!

again, its not good to pick them even if they do shoot out like Worms LOL but yes its the touching I feel makes it worse and spread...try not touching your face, good look with the research I have done that ALOT and it can give you a headache but its trial and error I even read this week people use URINE Yep Pee look it up! but I dont think its something I could do! but people feel desperate and will try anything and heck if it works for them its great!!!!! try googling URINE for ACNE..its an interesting read if nothing else...

good luck!!!! and I hope you find something that works soon!!!!