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Re: Gave up and living with Acne

Hello there,
I kinda wish I hadnt mentioned the Urine thing I wasnt suggesting trying it really I read up on it thats all..and theres people who say it works, but for me I know I wasnt going to do that., it is scary how desperate you become to think " what new thing will work! " you know all the natural remedies Toothpaste , lemon juice etc etc! and yes Pee ...I just knew I could never do that..though if was proven to cure Acne we would be getting the cotton balls out everytime we peed to apply it! a scary thought but I feel its something people would do to have clear skin! (and some people Do) is sure is free

I think you Pick for very Deep reasons? and I hope you dont take this way but maybe talking to a health care proffesional might help???? its good to talk about things..

really is it very hard but touching your face and playing is really one of the worst things to do...and I dont need a fancy dermatologist to tell me that

its obvious that you can spread bacteria and oil around and causing a erruption , so really when you have the urge to Pick maybe go do something else???

I understand how hard it us but its definately and decission you have to want to make

I monday hit that point and still have not touched my face and I feel I am starting to feel good about the choice to can do it

have you told anyone about this? I confided in my good friend Monday and she wasnt judgemental at all she again said what I aready now DONT PICK!

I am using Proactiv and I feel it is starting to help...they are drying up

I too have a big scab on my chin but trying to let it be.....its gonna fall off when its ready

I am lucky I am a stay home mum and right now my daughter has a cold so I have been home with no make-up on and thats helped alot, do you wear it at all? I can not wear makeup I do go to the gym and often apply it to go there as I am so embarassed but I do use Bare mineral makeup and that doesnt clog (they say but still probably not a good )

well again, please dont think I was trying to say use pee on your face it is interesting to search things , and like I say to people all the time the internet can be a great tool but it can also make us feel worse and give is mixed messages...the thing is with Acne is trial and error ..I never bash anyone for trying things and saying it works as I really think people react to products differently I used MURAD hated it BUT many people swear by it...and at the end of the day thats wonderful....I am happy for anyone who finds products or secret that works even if that is Pee

well try and think about how much this is affecting your life

think is the pay off of pciking worth losing out on other things??? if I can do this you can!

have a good rest of your day
take care