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Any experience in this?

As I stated in "Oh my gosh you guys" thread, I know you are all right about daddy. I have a dr appt Mon @ 11:30 to discuss.

But here's a new wrinkle. I have not seen this discussed, so maybe y'all can help me with this: Dad usually sleeps a lot. 18 hrs a day, usually. But yesterday and especially today, he has been wired like a 9 day clock. It happened all of a sudden, and it's wearing us both out.

I canNOT get him to sit still. I take his blood pressure 3x a day, and I haven't gotten a good reading for 2 days now because he will not be still. Even when I have him seated at the table, he is drinking his coffee, picking his teeth, blowing his nose...and if I tell him to just be still for a hot second, he does for about 5 seconds, then he is all moving around again. Reaching, scratching, moving. Constant motion. He is outside. Inside. Outside. Inside. Fooling around in the tool shed. "Cleaning" trash cans. (He has no hose - I took it away without his knowledge, so he sweeps out trash cans. Clean trash cans. Unused brand new trash cans.) He stripped all the covers off his bed today. When I asked him why he did that, he said, "Just raisin' hell". Tonight, while we were at church and my daughter was watching him, he had a 30 minute "episode" with the baby powder - putting on the stupid fat dog, all over himself...daughter didn't know what to do with him. It was pitch dark outside when she finally MADE him go in the house, and he was not appreciative of the demand, either.

The frenetic activity level is exhausting. He cannot walk worth a darn - just a shuffle, 2" at a time, and I stay with him cuz he does fall every now and again.

Between the assault on the landlord and this crazy frantic restlesness, I can't figure out what the heck is going on. I had to explain 6 times that his trash can goes out street side today for the garbage man. He just can't understand why I took it to the street. He can't get any kind of sentence out, I don't know what he wants, and I don't know how to settle him down. Is restlessness common? How does this differ from "terminal restlessness"? What in the heck to I do?

Any ideas? This is toooooooo weird.....

...lil' deb

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