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Re: Any experience in this?

I know. I think he knows. We all know. And most of all, God knows. It's time.

Ever since this weird activity level began, he has been even more diminished cognitively. Today, I took over his fried egg and cheese sandwich and a bowl of apple salad for lunch (his favorite, favorite, favorite lunch), and found him sitting on his sofa. He no longer sits like we do, with your bottom against the back of the sofa and sitting upright. His bottom apparently hits the center of the sofa cushion, and he leans back - it looks odd, and cannot be comfortable. Anyway, he looked like hell. Pale. Vacant. He had just come in from outside (the trash bin that got dumped yesterday and returned to the back porch apparently needed to be rolled back out to the street), and I still don't know what happened to him. I said, "What's wrong, daddy?" And he just looked at me. I grabbed the blood pressure cuff, and his bp was fine, so I gave him a drink of iced tea, and he seemed to brighten. He ate his lunch, and then started talking again.

Now be clear - I don't have the slightest idea what he's saying. It's almost like random words. But HE knows what he's trying to say, so I need to pay close attention, because I might just figure it out. I do, too, most of the time.

Anyway, he snapped back, and after he ate, he wanted to take a lil' nap, so that's what he did.

I can't wait for the doctor's visit on Monday. We have so much to discuss, she and I.

And the biggest subject of discussion will be, "What now?" Where do we go from here? We have to go SOMEWHERE...the question is just, where.

And ibake - my heart is with you. I really do know how hard it is to lose your mom. I lost mine in 04, and my daughter in 95, and with both of them, it seems like 2 weeks ago. It is so hard. You are in my prayers, ibake. Really. I don't know what I would do without you, and the other wonderful people on this site.

...lil' deb