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Looking for a Diagnois. Could it be panc or liver cancer?

I hope I don't upset anyone by posting here, since I don't have a cancer diagnosis. But I realy need some help. I was wondering if anyone else has had the same experiences as me, and got a dx of cancer.

I am 38 year old female, I have had acute recurring hereditary pancreatitis since 1989.

2 years ago, my pancreatitis got a lot worse, so I started going to different doctors to find out why.

In June of this year they decided that my gall bladder needed to come out. So I had it removed on 6-18-2008. And ever since my amalayse and lipase have been fine. But my ALT, AST, and ALK PHOS have been elevated, anywhere from 100 to 800.

I have had every blood test there is for liver disorder, over $3000 worth of labs, and nothing came back, except the ALT, AST, and ALK PHOS.

My symptons are so much worse since gall bladder removal. I have nausea, vomiting and severe pain just under my ribs on the right side, thru the back.

I had a CT about a month ago in the ER, but no one has told me what it shows.

My PCP and GI are out of ideas, so I am going to have a liver biopsy, but I don't know what it could show since the labs have shown nothing, the only thing I can think of is cancer.

I have alot of cancer in my family, my 34 year old cousin died 2 years agon from panc cancer, my mom had acute promylogenis leukemia, my maternal grandma died from liver cancer, and my paternal grandmother died from ovarian cancer.

So to say the least I am terrified. I am happily married with 3 beatiful children, oldest is 18, then 14 and the youngest is 4. They say I am the spokes to there wheel, I hold them all together, and can not imagine what they would do without me.

So if anyone has experience anything similiar, please responed.

Thank you

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