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Re: Any experience in this?

I often wonder how the medical proffesionals so easily diagnose "Alzheimer's" seems so different in its' grasp of our loved ones!

At the facility where Mom has been for several years, I've seen so many "come and go"...and found it interesting how differently each person seems to be affected. There are 2 women who never rest...I mean NEVER! They are constantly roaming the rooms...always busy in their thoughts, and even sometimes stopping a few minutes to acklowlege, but that restlessness is always there. I honestly don't know how the caretakers do what they do....but I appreciate them so much!

I agree with the others, lil''s time to do some serious thinking about your Dad's future...and YOURS! I realize it's somewhat easy for us to give you advise (that all of US put off for as long as we could!)...but this is becoming too much for you. Decisions are never easy...but the peace of mind that comes with knowing our loved one is in a safe environment can only come with this very tough decision. Sending positive thoughts....Pam