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Re: Weird leg sensations

Originally Posted by flyer99 View Post
Hi everyone,

I think I am going nuts. My left leg, from the knee and down into the foot, feels like it has the creepy crawlies, sometimes like an electric wave going through it. I tend to lie on my left side in bed with my right leg over my left leg, resting on it. After a few hours of that, it is worse. It is better when I am up and walking around.

I saw an "on call" doctor about this about 2 weeks ago and she did tests for muscle weaknesses (just the reflexes tests) and all was okay. I went to my family doctor two days ago and he kind of discounted restless leg syndrome (I don't have the urge to move my legs to get rid of these creepy crawlies).

He sent a referral to a neurologist and ordered a whack of bloodwork (to be copied to the neurologist). He said I would probably be getting an EMG test. I have never had one of those.

My leg doesn't hurt at all, no pains anywhere, nor is there any numbness. It doesn't feel like "pins and needles", just this weird feeling like something is moving through my lower leg and into my foot.

Would anyone have any idea what this could be? I am getting very worried, even though my family doctor said that it is nothing to worry about. When I concentrate on the leg, of course it gets even worse as I am concentrating on it. I am totally stressed with anxiety (I have anxiety and panic disorder) and I know this would probably make these sensations worse too.

Thanks all!
hi there i have the same symptoms, waiting for an appointment in orphopeadic, taking to long too much in pain i feel like geting a knife and poke it the pain is unbearable, i also have at the side of my foot swollen and thats very painful hope to get it sorted out this week, fingers crossed wait to hear from anyone to give me comfort, its not funny when your in pain everyday,