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Re: Weird leg sensations

Originally Posted by bethsheba View Post

If you don't mind my asking, when did you first start having problems? Did you have any unrelated symptoms in the days/months prior to this occurring?

You know, when i think about this, these weird leg sensations occured just after I had my last chiropractic adjustment for my back (I have a degenerative disc problem in lower back). I'm wondering now, (since Ibake&pray mentioned back surgery) if that adjustment had anything to do with these nerve sensations? Hmmmm... I entirely forgot about that possible link. What do you think? The only unrelated symptoms is I have anxiety disorder and also GERD, both of which I've had for years and I take a pill for high blood pressure. Maybe this is related to my back and/or that adjustment?????

Edited to say that I had my chiropractic back adjustment (which I get once a month) on October 14th in the morning and these sensations started that afternoon and I saw an on-call MD the next day on October 15th. I saw my family doctor on October 29th when he sent the referral to a neurologist. This does sound connected. Does anyone think I should contact my chiropractor or just wait and not go back until I see the neurologist? Should I call my family doctor and mention this to him as I never did mention this at all?

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