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Re: Looking for a Diagnois. Could it be panc or liver cancer?

Hi, no one has answered you yet, so I will throw in a little info. I havent had any experience with what you are going through, though I lost my best friend last year to pancreatic cancer. I would certainly call the ER and get the results of the scan you had. Paperwork seems to get shoved aside these days and the assumption may be that you know the results. I am surprised your dr doesn't call and get them or that the ER dr gave you the preliminary report upon release. Sometimes a MRI shows more and then if any spots are seen a biopsy is done. A mon of friend of mine just had a MRI last week and they could see cancer in the pancreas and spots in the liver. The drs wanted to biopsy the liver,to confirm and stage the cancer, but because of her age, she refused any further testing. There seems to be some possibility of pancreatic cancer running in families, so do follow up. There is an organization called CanPan that can answer alot of these questions for you. Good luck