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Re: Help with my lab results!

The ER often just looks are your FTs and TSH. If you are normal they will shove you out the door. you have to be in an adrenal crisis or going through a thyroi storm to get any twitch out of them. Bleeding on the shift nurse due to a rupture of your tonsil stitches for the first and second time gets fast action as well. Otherwise you get tos sit and wait with the flu and other patients.

What supplements are you taking. Your ferritin is good. Right in the optimal range of 70-90. They are rushing the order already placed to get my TgAb and TPO and TSI and Free T3 and Free T4 and ACTH stim test, and coritsol blood serum and ACTH blood Serum, and DHEA blood serum too.

These are good tests. It will catch an adrenal issue if it is present. It will also point to PCOS/insulin resistance if that is an issue. In the mean time keep talking to people here and anyone you feel comfortable with there. I have an Aunt in VA. She is nearer to Richmond. I am going to see where she goes. Her TT and RAIs was done in MD at the University Medical Center. I will see what I can find via the Grapevine. Do not give up hope. We will help you. Instead of getting sad, get MAD. That helped me the most it is UNFAIR that you should have to go through this and that your medical professionals are ill equiped to deal with you! Get MAD and use it.

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