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Re: cholesterol levels keep going up

Cholesterol tests are very interesting........

A non fasting can be sky high depending on what you have been eating the last 12 hours or even the day before......I would wait and get a fasting done.

I had not had a normal cholesterol or Triglycerides since I was 36 after the birth of my just stayed up all the time. My good Cholesterol was great so I was told not to worry about it. It has just been recently in the last 3 months that I now have a normal level.........I truely believe it is that they FINALLY have my thyroid medication where it needs to be after 2 years and I am also being treated for Insulin resistance which Hypothyroidism and IR both raise your lipids.......

My father died a 94, he ate eggs, Whole milk, and ice cream every day the last 10 years of his life and always had a below normal cholesterol !!!! everyone is so different. Was never overweight........

I wouldn't worry too much...........get it checked again, make sure it is a FASTING.