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Re: Any experience in this?

Well, all that anticipation, and I left confused.

I wrote a note like I always do, to attach to daddy's chart and give her a "heads up" before she sees daddy. She came in the exam room, gave daddy his flu shot, asked him a few questions and answered them herself before he had a chance to digest the question ("How you doin'? Fine? Good.). She checked his heart and lungs, prescribed an anti-depressant, and said she was ordering an "evaluation" (by whom? when?) to see what to do next.

She said she feels the meds will help with his periodic restlessness and flash temper, bid us adeiu, and out she went.

So it looks like we will have social services out here, and we will take it from there.

I swear. Or at least I WANT to swear. It was so fast - 5 min maybe, and nothing was addressed. We were the last appt before lunch, so maybe she was in a hurry, but it took me TWO BLASTED HOURS to get daddy bathed, clothed, shaved...and still - no progress. I am so frustrated.

Time for a new doc, maybe. A visiting nurse will be good, and maybe I will find a person that is on my side here. In the meantime, I guess I can just forget about help from the doctor, and will just muddle through.

For now, I am going to bed. I am so frustrated.

...lil' deb