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Re: Doc says everything is normal, but I still feel lousy

Insist on Hashimoto's testing. Also insist on T3 testing. Given the TSH level decrease with out an increase in T4 range percentage.. I am suspecting you are overconverting T4 to T3 as a result of hypoadrenalism.. probably mild in form. This will show up in a deviation of your Ft4 and Ft3 levels. Look at my most recent thyroid care anc concerns thread and adrenal issues.. I think it is the third or fourth megapost of the thread and on the second page.. it goes into the details of adrenal effects on thyroid levels.

In any case your Ft4 level is holding at 40% of normal range. This is just suboptimal in range for a menopausal female. For a female that is of childbearing years.. this is 20% below optimal range and can explain why you are having the mental hypoT symptoms. I believe that your supplementation and treatment regime is off. if this MD is not will ing to thoroughly test your issues when you have symptoms.. you need to ditch thee dud and look for a new and improved MD select.

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