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Re: Doc says everything is normal, but I still feel lousy

Thank you for your insight,'re very informative! I'm going to ask for an endo referral. There is one thing I wanted to double-check with you. In your reply to me, you stated "Also insist on T3 testing. Given the TSH level increase with out an increase in T4 range percentage.. I am suspecting you are overconverting T4 to T3 as a result of hypoadrenalism.. probably mild in form."....actually, my TSH decreased. On the 1st test, it was 1.12...and on the 2nd test, taken a month later, it was 0.76. Given that fact, would your quote above regarding this still apply? I just want to make sure I clearly understood everything you wrote. Oh, one more thing...yesterday I got results of a fasting CBC that was done on cholesterol is 204 (yikes)...up from 192 the last time I was tested. Could there be a link here? Thanks!