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Question regarding Lhermitte's and Optic Neuritis

Hi guys. I have vibrating in my foot (sometime it tingles too) on and off.I can get a little punch for a few seconds or it can last all day, sometimes it is fine. This is constant for me. When all this started out it was my right foot, but for months its been my left. I have also noticed it starts sometimes when I put my neck down. I even tested one day and whenever my head would go up-it would be fine, down buzz, up fine, etc. Is this usually due to a lesion in the neck? I do have mild to moderate stenosis in my neck which is sitting on the central cord, but my neuro yesterday said this had nothing to do with my neck and also was not sure why my body is going haywire

Also, I have been getting eye pressure pains for months> I went to a neuro opth yesterday to examine my eyes-they were totally fine he said. With MS, when one has issues with the eyes does it show up in the eye exam? For example if your first issue was your eyes, would your eye exam be clear or do usually see inflammation, pressure, nerve damage?

Thanks all....

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