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Question 25 yr old female, "newbie" unexplained health problems

Hi everyone, my name is Jenn and im new to this site. Ive been having quite a bit of various health problems for the past 2 YEARS now and still.. no real real answers or diagnosis. Have been tested it seems for everything & anything, blood tests or bigger tests. mri, ct scans, xrays. u name it. It all started about 2 years ago i started takin bc pills, progesterone only bc pills because i used to have very bad migraine problems. so i took those for about a year straight & i seemed to be fine on them, but decided to stop takin them to see if my migraines would improve any being off of them because they seemd to b more frequent after i started b/c. so i stopped the bc pills all together. migrianes did subside after awhile of being off b/c pills but along came all my other problems. so i stopped taking bc pills, not to long after i got mono. so i was down & out from that for a good 3 months, i really dont even remember those 3 monthes of my life really. i slept through most. so i got over that and a few monthes later, i felt the same way again. re occurant mono usually doesnt happen but it either did or i had chronic fatigue syndrome or something cuz i was then downanother 2 monthes. so after i got over that, its now been one thing after the other.
now my symptoms are and have been over the past year or so, nauseau (almost everyday) not throwing up, i never throw up, just very nauscious. back pain here & there, right flank pain, left arm pain,numb tingling feeling, also in my left foot (not everyday, speradically) the feeling as if someone is sqeezing my stomach or back and wont let go, like a stiff dont want to move AT ALL feeling and pain, unfocused quite often, very fatigued, heart palpitations at times, re-current UTI's, (seen a uroligist, on medicine for that, well for when i have sex with my bf i have to take it). hip clicks everytime i raise it all the way up, then bring it back down, or during sex once in awhile. If i dance to much for like 10 minutes straight of "all out dancing" i feel REALLY nauscious like im goin gto throw up and have to stop dancing and drink alot of water and cool down. i sweat easily & now my latest thing to add to the list is ringing in the ears. right side more so then the other. thats been goin on for about a month now, driving me nuts! but have seen the ENT doctor, got an mri done of the brain last week, but didnt use contrast so now if its still bothering me in 2more monthesi have to go back and have another MRI done WITH contrast this time.
and i jus deal with it all, i dont no what to do anymore! i dont like taking pills, i would rather try or have everything all natural. i dont like pain medicine, nothing besides ibuprofen or something. the only thing i take is meclizine for my nauseau. ive had so much blood work done this past year, been to the E.R so many times, and stil nothing. my doctor says, u either have something we havent figured out yet in the medical world or dont have the resources to test it or u might have to figure it out on ur own or go to school to be a doctor and hopefully u might be able to cure yourself. its just aggravating when she tells me that. i do all i can, search this, search that, test this, test that... and NOTHING! besides they think maybe i have endometriosis?? so i go back to my obgyn on nov. 18th and talk to him about having the laproscopy procedure done. and i go back to my doctors on monday to get the results of my hormone levels & cortisol levels. (which ive been wanting done for a very long time now). and if the results of this come back "normal", then i dont no what i do from here, (besides the laproscopy). i cant give up because if i dont try noone else will, but im @ my wicks end & need some help & some answers. and yes ive been tested for lime, and my thyroid is fine, and all my blood counts seem normal, ive been tested for even crazy infectious disease type things as well for the "why not" theory and still nothing. scheduled to see the rheaumatologist in december.
Any thoughts or help would be appreciated!!!

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