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Re: 25 yr old female, "newbie" unexplained health problems


Have you tried seeing a rheumotologist. I have been referred to one by my cardiologist. She mentioned that you do not have to have all the symptoms for an autoimmune problem but you may have some. A good rheumotologist will be able to test you for all kinds of strange illnesses including Lyme. Do some research on the doctors in your area. I notice that you live in CT which is where Lyme disease is said to have been discovered. Check out the teaching hospitals in the area. (University of Ct has a medical center). If you live in Southern CT by the New York border, than research some doctors in the New York City area.

I can feel your frustration because I went through two years of testing and more testing for my weakness and fatique and heart palpations. Part of my problem was I was taking the drug tamoxafin. Once I stopped taking this medication, some of my symptoms resolved. I have still have to make my appointment with the rheumotologist, however, recent family health problems have consumed my time.

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