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Re: 25 yr old female, "newbie" unexplained health problems

Originally Posted by jmf860 View Post
not to long after i got mono. so i was down & out from that for a good 3 months, i really dont even remember those 3 monthes of my life really. i slept through most. so i got over that and a few monthes later, i felt the same way again. re occurant mono usually doesnt happen but it either did or i had chronic fatigue syndrome or something cuz i was then downanother 2 monthes. so after i got over that, its now been one thing after the other.
Here's a good piece of the puzzle right here - you may have figured it out yourself.
Epstein-barr virus (mono) is a member of the herpes viruses - it does not go away. Once you have it you always have it, and most people do have it. It can reactivate in times of stress. Changing a medication like a birth control pill (off/on, switching) would be a stress your body would have to adjust to.
EBV is strongly suspected as a cause/trigger for chronic fatigue syndrome as well as many other diseases.
Have your doctors consider this route.