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Re: Dizzy and wondering if anyone else has these problems...

I'm right there with ya. Man it's frustrating. I get dizzy on and off and it's usually when there is excess fluid by my eardrums. It can take weeks to clear that up. It is a thick fluid, thicker than water back there. It just takes awhile for it to dry.

I am in the midst of a cold...that is now gone and into a sinus infection or major postnasal drip. Almost 18 days now. I have coughed myself silly. I pulled out the netipot tonight and had my first treatment. I hadn't used it for a year. I should have been using this regularly. It's just so hard..because I am afraid of getting it into my ears and having the wind/tunnel thing go on.

Hang in there! It will get better. I am having to believe that too!