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Re: any precautions you can take? special clothes or mattresses?

I was paranoid too... I have had 3 babies. While I was preggo with my 2nd a friend of mine had her baby pass from SIDS and it terrified me. So I looked into it as much as I could... and read that you need to keep them on their backs (among other things) to reduce the risk. Well... a coworker of mine then had a newborn (like 2 weeks old) who was sleeping on her back, slightly propped, just like they say to do - and the poor baby had started vomiting while alone in the room and drowned in her own vomit. THAT happened a month after my friends baby passed due to SIDS. So this is just me personally... but with my 2nd two baby boys-I would not let them out of my sight for the first 5 months. I had a baby sling and a cosleeper bassinet attached to my bed and I was keenly aware of evey sound/movement my baby made at all time... and I lost 5 months of sleep over it but I am ok with that. I would not leave them alone in a room for more than a minute. I would even put them in a carrier to take in the bathroom with me when I had to go... my youngest (10 months old now) sleep thru the night in his own room just fine now. Don't let anyone tell you having your baby next to you at all times is going to make him clingy or refuse to sleep alone. Mine loves his crib - I moved him to it when he was 6 months old.... but I won't put bumpers up because I am scared he will wrap himself up in them. Yah... i am a very paranoid mommy. Now... don't get me started on choking hazards. That scares me just as bad as SIDS.

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