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Re: potassium& sodium levels in secondary hypo???

Na 139 nmo1/1 ( range 134-146)
K 5.0 nmo1/1 ( range 3.6-5.0).
These levels were measured before the salt craving became so intense, ok was always needing to add salt but now it's ridiculous.

Here is my non-MD chemist's take:
Hypoaldosteronism can be caused by a poor adrenal function of secondary call dysfunction (pituitary/hypothalamus laziness ).

Low aldosterone levels can cause low blood pressure and high potassium levels. This can be common in patients with cortisol deficiency, your kidneys will excrete too much salt, and it leads to low blood pressure; low blood volume; a high pulse and/or palpitations, dizziness and or lightheadedness when you stand; fatigue; and a craving for salt. Symptoms of low aldosterone can also include frequent urination, sweating, and a feeling of thirst, besides the craving of salt. Low aldosterone can also be independent of low cortisol. It can be a result of a rarer synthesis dysfunction and inability to convert cortisol and pregnenolone into aldosterone. These patients can take excess amounts of cortisol supplementation, such as 30-40 mg, and not getting good results in treatment of their issues.

The thing is that I read that in some cases were people have hypothyroidism due to the pituitary or hypothalamus, then they should take cortisone acetate( a stress hormone) together with the T stuff to prevent a so called addisonian crisis??

WELLLLLL, yes and no. you take HC IF and only if your cortisol synthesis is not functioning. your cortisol levels were high normal without supplementation.. SO that would imply your cortisol needs no supplementation and your pit and hypothalamus agree. your not in dangeer of adrenal crisis as a result. NOW your aldosterone levels and your adrenals over all ability to synthesize hormone has not been evaluated. You need a complete adrenal stimulation test including aldosterone. Aldosterone is a funny bugger. It is a highly sensitive test and your results will not be true if you are on beta-blockers OR birth control pills/supplements. you will need to be of BCs for 6-8 weeks and off betas for 2 weeks to get the best aldosterone test results possible.

Looking at the graph, that is Low CRH ( hypothalamus), then Low ACTH ( Pituitary), well the next stop is the adrenal gland. Would not that be low too if the two before it are low?

Possibly, your adrenal glands are very complex little guys. They are a multifacet factory for a VARIETY of hormones. In most cases low HP function calls either mean the adrenals are working well on all fronts.. or they are hyper adrenal in some and hypoadrenal in others.. causing the HP to tone down or be on low call to manage the hyperadrenal kick back.. thid leaves you with a mixed bag of symptoms. You are not a clear cut case and do require detailed evaluation.

Sorry, I think I beat you on the length thing.
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