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Hi newbie here with questions :)

Hi I am a 33 year old mother of three. I am looking for any help or insight that could give me an idea problems my whole life. I could eat anything and never gain weight lol...Then when i got pregnant with my oldest 13 years ago I weighed 110 lbs. I gained 60 lbs with her even though i was throwing up 24/7. I had her full term and she was healthy I recieved a depo shot for birth control after and had a reaction and bled for 10 months straight!!! I thought that was odd. So after that she turned two and I dropped the weight i was down to 104 lbs and i had anxiety, shakes, could not sleep, etc. That happened off and on for years just thought it was anxiety lol...Then had my second child gained 50lbs and she was born healthy as well. I never dropped all the baby wieght. When she was around three i started getting bad anxiety, chest pains, could not sleep and racing heart. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I was told again it was anxiety, well for me when i get pregnant the anxiety usually gets better, so I found out i was pregnant with my thrid and everything was way different. I had panic attacks 24/7, my heart raced all day and night, i would wake up choking and gasping for air, i could not sleep, i was hot, my hands and feet were horribly hot all the time, my DR thought it was just hormones and said it would get better. Well it didn't it only got worse, i never gained a pound. I spotted at 5 weeks and I kept getting sicker. I lost over 35 lbs during my pregnancy, was on bedrest all of my pregnancy and saw several DR's. none of which could tell me anything. I saw an Enod DR and he suspected hyperthyroidism, tried me on meds but i could not tolerate the meds. So i just dealt with it. So, here are my levels from that time TSH 0.12 referance range was 0.28-5.00 FreeT3 2.2 referance range was 2.4-4.2 FreeT4 1.2 referance range was 0.7-1.8 and totat T3 was 144 referance range was 68-200. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~ My son was born three weeks early and spent 16 days in the NICU he was 5' 15 ounces. I think that was due to my thyroid. I still continued to drop weight and lost a pant size a week for months after he was born. Oh and i had stroke like migrains during my pregnancy and after. I occasionally get them now. I had my levels checked after i had him and my TSH was around 1.2, now my levels are TSH 2.8 referance range 0.34-5.60, Free T4 is 0.9 referance range is 0.6-1.6, and Total T3 is 154 referance range is 87-178. My DR says i am within normal range but i have gained over 30lbs and counting. diet and excersize do not help. I am tired and have no motivation, I am still hot all the time, get racing heart, hot hands and feet and my hair and skin is horrible dry. my nails break, my hair falls out easily or breaks off. I am spacey, cant remember anything anymore its terrible. This has been going on for a year and a half with these symptoms. Can anyone help me?? My DR will not reffer me to an endocrinologist. I don't know what to do Any help or comments would be helpfull, thanks

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