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Re: Exhausted

Hello Live 66

I want you to know I feel for your situation.
We have a bit in common.

I am 53 and also alone. My mother's house burned down
to the ground in September. She lost everything.
Now she is living with me.
She is 82 and has dementia complicated by alcoholism.

I work a full time job and commute 3 hours a day.
I am terrorized when I come home at night for fear of
what I am going to find.

I also have health problems. Seeing my GP tomorrow as
I am worried about my blood pressure which is elevated
due to all the stress of this. She will not go to assisted

She accuses me of hiding her things. I am hardly ever
home to hide anything! I am trying to make sure she
pays her bills but she hides her mail so I can't find it!
I worry that her medical insurance will lapse for non-payment.

Anyway, it feels good to come here to vent if anything else.

I just pray for a miracle.

I hope a miracle comes your way too.

God Bless,