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Re: Anyone with Chronic idiopathic nausea?

What tests have they done that they've still not been able to diagnose the cause? Have you had your gallbladder checked (HIDA Scan) or a Gastric Emptying Study? I assume they've done the upper endoscopy and other tests. Regardless, the cause may not help as there are a lot of stomach ailments that are hard to manage, but, knowing the cause might open up a few more options to you.

I have idiopathic & mild Gastroparesis and gallbladder issues. For me, DGL Licorice (Chewable) tablets are helpful. That and avoiding unnecessary foods like soda, caffeine, sugar/candy/chocolate, bad fats (Saturated / trans), and Eggs/Mayonnaise.

Once you've cut out all the bad stuff, it's trial and error to see if you can find any regular foods that are making things worse.