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A Few Questions

Hi everyone --

I was just curious about a couple of things, see if people have the same issue on one thing and if they know on the other!!

1) Do any of you find that once in a while, you just can't do something one day that you've always done and not had problems? Then the next day, you can do it again? Example -- I shampoo and condition my hair in the shower every day. I have to be careful about buying products that I am capable of using. For example, the bottles can't be to large (too heavy for me) or made of a stiff plastic that is difficult to squeeze. I like pump bottles, but they tend to clog up sometimes. Anyway, I had a new shampoo/conditioning product and was using it just fine. On Monday, I could NOT squeeze the conditioner bottle and get any out (it was full so that wasn't the problem). I tried and tried and finally gave up (it doesn't have a top that you can unscrew or I would have tried that). On Tuesday (and the rest of the week for that matter), I had no problem at all. Does this kind of thing ever happen to any of you?

2) I was reading some of my records from my old neurologist (I changed when we moved in 2004 and now see a top-notch MD neurologist at a major university hospital). My old doctor was rating my weakness at 4+. I looked on the internet and saw a couple of different scales. One was based on a 5-point system, so a 4+ seems almost normal and that didn't make sense to me considering even back then (2000-2003) I couldn't get up from a chair without using my arms, had major problems with steps and getting up from a fall. I saw other scales that were based on 7, 10 and 12 points. Does anyone know what type of scale they typically use in a situation like this? I don't want to call my old neurologist because he sometimes said things, then denied saying them later.

Just curious what experiences others have had.

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