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having thyroid symptoms, lab results inconclusive

Hi, this is my first post here. I'm 25 years old and have been having what I consider possible thyroid related symptoms lately such as: heart palpitations (went to a cardiologist and he did an ekg and echocardiogram and said everything was fine), always feeling cold especially in my hands and feet, vertical ridges on nails and weak nails, hair has gone thin and started greying a bit in spots, panic and anxiety attacks, always feeling tired and weak, etc. Just an overall cacophony of symptoms. I've also been having throat problems. My voice has gone hoarse and I've had pain in the thyroid area and what feels like a small lump that is painful to the touch, also coughed up blood one time.

I had some blood-work done last week and got the results back today. I'm making an appointment with an Endocronologist tomorrow. Here's the results:

3062 thyroid peroxidase autoabs | result - 17 | ref. range - <60

Reverse T3 | result - [H] 354 | ref. range 90-350

(T7 Panel)
T3-Uptake | result - 40 | ref. range 32-48
Total T4 | result - 7.3 | ref. range 5.2-11.0
T7 |result - 7.30 | ref. range 5.93-13.13
TSH |result - 0.49 | ref. range 0.34-5.60

I'm not really sure what to make of the tests aside from RT3 being a bit high, your thoughts are welcome and appreciated. Do you think I should have any additional tests given these results?


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