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Funny you should mention that. I have experienced the same things, the other day I did the dishes, and when I had to put the glasses onto the top shelf in our cabinet I could hardly do it I had to kind of let my arm "crawl" up the shelves, but when I did it the next day (I was nervous about it), it was effortless! I am sure it has something to do with how much I have used my arms/shoulders prior to doing the dishes. The same is the case with getting in and out of my car. Some days I nearly jump out, and others I have to pull myself up.

Every time things like that happen I get scared and nervous, which makes it harder the next time just because I am thinking about it.

This leads me to a question. How do you guys deal with fear and anxiety issues? I had an unpleasant experience at work a while ago. I have always been careful to make sure I get up and down and walk and stand as much as possible when I am at work. One day the owner of the business I work at told me that he does not want me out of my chair unless I am coming, going, or using the restroom, he told me that he will be found negligent if I fall while working. This has caused me to become even more selfconscious and nervous than I ever was before. I now have my husband come and help me get out of my chair and walk to my car every night when I am off, and most days I will be sitting down for up to six hours straight, which is not only uncomfortable, but also not healthy.