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Re: A Few Questions

Hi girls!

I also experience the on again / off again thing. I am BARELY still climbing the stairs at night. It's not Impossible yet but takes a lot of effort. The first step up is the hardest because of the railing layout. Some nights it takes 2-3 attempts to get up onto that first step. Other nights I get right onto it like it's no problem. The next 12 stairs are not too bad because of the technique that I've developed. But I understand completely.


I've always seen the 5/5 system. I asked my doctor about it. I ALWAYS ask stuff! If I remember correctly, the numbers are Left/Right and a "5" is normal. A "2" means you can hold the limb up against gravity. "1" means you cannot raise the limb against gravity with 3 and 4 of course falling somewhere in between.


I feel your boss was a little unreasonable. He should let you do what you feel your limits allow. Plus, I personally always worry about embolisms from hours of sitting. I admire you for working. I won't go into my 5,000 word story but I left my job in 2005 because my building was not accessible nor was it possible to walk construction sites anymore, which was required of my engineering position. (My company designed and built factories and hospitals). Plus I had a great, and unusual, disability insurance which thankfully pays my salary until I'm 65.

I've been having panic issues walking outdoors, like in my driveway or at a store. I'm confident in my house but I'll take 5 steps out in the open (with my cane) and freeze, terrified I'm going to fall. I'm using the walker and scooter much more often!

Take care and try to keep optimistic. I always tell myself there are others out there who have it infinitely worse!

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