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I am new to the boards here and I am hoping I can find out some information. I am 32 years old and have 2 children. After the birth of my first, I started having problems with my periods. All was normal before. I would not get a period monthly. After I had my 2nd child, finally after 5 years of trying, it got worse. Now I get maybe 2 periods a year if that, and they have to be brought on by Provera. This year I had my period around Easter time. Nothing again til August. Now this wasnt' like a period, it was very light spotting everyday, just there when I wiped. So my doc told me to take the provera again to bring on another period, I did and bled so bad that I would soak a pad every hour and bleed through my clothes when I stood up. Very large clots, size of plums. So i went back because the bleeding was so bad, they told me to take the provera again a different way to stop the bleeding. That didn't work. Then he prescribed aygestin 5mg to stop the bleeding, taking 1 pill daily. Its still not working I have been bleeding now for close to 4 months straight. The doctor says it will stop. I am at my wits end. My mother, grandmother and aunts on moms side have all had to have hysterctomy(sry for spelling) by the age of 30 due to heavy bleeding, fibroids and cervical cancer. I dont know why the doctors won't give me one as well, obviously it runs in the family or something. I have been to 4 different doctors and no one can give me a reason as to why this is happening. I was regular before I had my kids, every 21 days, bleed for 3 days and done for the month. I am heavier than I was before I had the kids, so I know that could play a minor roll too. I have been told by one doctor last year, I went in for extremely heavy bleeding, that I was passing tissue that it could be signs of uterine cancer or miscarriage. I went in for DC and found out it was an old miscarriage. Was actually all calcified(sp?) So now here I am, petrified that I could have cancer, no doctor will give me a endometrial biopsy, they say I am too young to have cancer. But I have several signs. abnormal bleeding, pain in pelvic area, bleed after sex. What do I do, I have contacted a cancer hospital but they wont see me as all paps have come back normal. Someone help me please!

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