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Re: A Few Questions

Hi everyone,

I can't tell you how often I thought of posting about this very thing! But wasn't sure how it would be received, because I wondered some days if it was all in my head.

Some days I can bearly walk up my driveway from from the car and other days I can go to the grocery store AND the discount store another thing is somedays I can wash, blowdry, AND curl my hair and other days my arms are to tired just from shampooing that I can hardly towel dry it.

I also have one night out a month with my friends to play bunco. I have able to play the game because they all allow me to not have to move from table to table as the game requires, but the last time we played I was able to get up and move quite easily.
Now I have to wonder what my friends are thinking ( I thought you needed to sit?).
Well I thought so to!
My theory is that I have learned how to pace myself most of the time and due to that, I have more strength at certain times. But then again their are days when this theory gets blown right out of the water.

Thanks for being here and letting me get this off of my chest.