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Thank goodness you have a PPO because then you can go to as many doctors as it takes. I cannot believe how the medical community is failing you so badly. It's just mind boggling. I cannot believe those previous doctors did not even document the bleeding in their records. A whole pint in a week is considerable. By the time they wait for the hemoglobin amounts to go down, you would have lost so much more blood. Why do they want to wait for that? I would try as many women doctors as possible until someone takes this seriously. Not that women are always the answer, but one would hope a woman would understand this kind of problem more. You can't walk around bleeding like that. I don't think asking for a D&C and EB are asking too much at all. That's the very least they should do. GOOD LUCK today -- and please let us know how it goes.

Try some of these sites on-line with patient reviews of doctors. You might find a good one that way. GOOD LUCK!

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Thank you for your reply, i do not have a hmo, i have a ppo so i can go anywhere. Its just very frusturating. I work for a family business, thank goodness, so I am able to take off with no problems, but for the past month I have been at work for maybe 4 days out of the month. I am constinently embarrased due to leaking through my clothing. I have even been wearing 2 pads to try and help the leaking but its not working. I am scared to use a tampon as I dont want to make anything stay up there that should not be there. I am calling my doctor again today, and telling him that something needs to be done at least a D&C and while he does that I want an EB just to ease my mind. Do you think thats too much to ask. I am going away on the 2nd of Dec for my 10th wedding anniversary and dont want to have to worry about bleeding the whole time. I am sure you understand my point.
Also when I have went to other doctors and gotten my medical records, it doesn't show anything in them about abnormal bleeding. Just shows my 2 pregnancies, 2 misscarriages, and all my paps. I thought they would have to provide all the notes and all appts that I came in with problems. Maybe its just me, but I almost feel useless, no one wants to believe me or take this seriously. Even the ER just tells me to go home, wont even do an exam on my because my hemoglobin levels are not dangerously low. Even though they went down 1 whole point within a week.
I guess I need to keep calling around, doctor to doctor, maybe I will run into someone that will listen. Thanks for responding I really do appreciate it