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Now i am getting head rushes and cloudy feeling in my head! pls help!!!!!!!!

When i posted a few days ago it wasnt very noticable but now its bad i have one long continual head rush all day long that every few seconds gets really noticable! if one were to put their hands on their neck to check their pulse, that warm sensation you get when you press a bit harder than normal is basically what i have ALL day long and its scaring me! i dont know if its related to my bad back and the pressure is building or what!?!! its an overwhelming feeling of warm blood going up from the back of my neck to my face and top of head...although i feel off i dont feel like i am going to pass out or anything, sometimes it feels like when one has a bad sinus infection and their head goes cloudy, i just dont know what i am going to do if my tests come back negative as having 18 plus obvious symptoms of thyroid problems would be strange! i will keep updating when i have results back but does anyone else get this?

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