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my rant for today!!!!

Well it has been a bumpy road with my mom for the last two years, and now with my sister diagnosed with frontal lobe Dementia it has been even sadder. now for my rant, my BIL called me and was explaining to me all about alzheimers and such, for the past two years I have been trying to tell them about my mom and now all of a sudden he is the expert....Over the last two years I have told him and my sister over and over the problems I have encounter and they seemed to sluff it off, no support, denial big time , now I am heartboken about my sis, when she traveled to a larger city for tests a few weeks ago, they wanted me to meet her there and be there,.. The hospital she went to would have envolved a plane trip for me. I told my BIL that he needed to be with my sis, not me, they are both retireed and I am not sure why He wanted me to go instead of him... ... I know she is my sis, but I do have my hands full with my mom and I do not know if I can stretch myselve one more way...I will be there for my sis when she needs me and will travel if I must...It just seems to me that until they were faced with this that it was on the back shelve, now he is the expert telling me what I should be doing... I am torn and feeling guilty about not going and being there with my sis. By the by we did not tell my mom about this as it would cause to much upset and we all felt that there was no need to upset her.... I think that I could use a corner of one of those towels that you guys are handing out....

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