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Re: my rant for today!!!!

OK...... Heres your towel jags.....Hold on tight lady we all have the other end. It sounds like you have reached the end of your rope. First things first, don't be guilty about not making it to the hospital to be with your Sis. If you could have went you would have. Right? You could not change the outcome. Right? I'm sure you'll be needed and you will be there for her. Your not superwoman. Contrary to what alot of people think we are only one person. Able to do just so much. Now he's the expert. After so short a time. Sounds familar. We have several of those in our family. I think we all know how that feels.
I'm so sorry about your sister. I'm so sorry your heart is broken. I'm sure it is. Your BIL has a long road ahead of him. Rant away, right here.
Its obvious to me he wanted you to go because he wanted you to deal with it instead of him. I mean really....Who wants to do this caregiving thing. Not me. But I do it. Dr. visits are the worse thing for me. Its hard to just get them there. Much less try to explain whats happening with them now. What to do about things that are happening. Medication, questions, all the while Mom is ranting because I won't let her talk. She wants to talk but not about her health. The Dr. is trying to expain whatever to me............She usually leaves mad at me. LOL
I think you made a wise choice not to tell your Mom. What would be the point. Whatever I can shield Mom from, I do.
Do you know the tests results about your sister?
Hold on tight to that towel kiddo. Its going to be a bumpy road. Bless your heart.
Love, Chris