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Re: Confused about anti-bodies and Graves' vs. Hashimoto!

yes MG you are so right! Think of all the people though in my Mom's 70 plus, they think doctors are Gods and would never go look for another doctor or question them. They never took their illnesses in their own hands, heck they don't even know the names of the pills they're on!!
I thought the reason the tsh range was so high (0.35-5.5) was that a lot of the people they tested HAD thyroid disease and didn't know it! Makes sense! I think you have to look long and hard for a compassionate doctor these days....I heard they call middle age women with thyroid problems goiter girls! They don't take us seriously and think it's all in our heads most of the time. I knew I probably had Graves when I first went to the endo.It was HIM that didn't believe it...I didn't have bugged out eyes so I couldn't have it, I guess! He felt my throat and it wasn't enlarged...but when he put that paper over my hands and they were shaking like a 2 dollar horse, I was like....okay, do you believe it NOW??