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Re: Beauty out the window! Anyone else have major facial hollowness?

I can definately relate to this. Mine started when my ortho put an elastic band on one side of my jaw for several months then 2 elastics on my 4 front teeth for a couple of months too long. Then one night, I felt something shift inside my throat/neck/inside my lower jaw region (on the left side) and felt the muscles on the left side of my face pull. That night I looked in the mirror and my face changed like how you described but also assymetric and swollen all at the same time. My skin looked very saggy and my face flat and my body made me look like I gained weight but once I jumped on the scale I had actually lost weight.

I lost all definition on my face and body and my arms and legs looked significantly shorter. I naturally have very long arms (longest of the women in my family - and tallest too) and when I compared it... it was the same length as theirs. When I look in the mirror I can see that my left shoulder is a lot lower than my right.

Facially I have visible bags under my eyes that are lower and off center and shifted to the right, no fat on my nose and seems my nasal septum is deviated to the right as well.

Might I add though that during the earlier stages it was A LOT WORSE! Now, my face is bearable whereas before I tried avoiding the mirror at all cost.

It's now obvious to me that I have a misalligned vertebra. Good luck with treatment.

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