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MG or others who know about HURTHLE CELLS

My biopsy showed hurthle cells. My questions is whether the normal thyroid has hurthle cells? I am somewhat confused by what I have read. Does the mere presence of hurthle cells mean something? I really couldn't find anything in my research. When I got my path report and my endo sent me on to a surgeon and thyroid cancer specialist I didn't question about the path report. I just proceeded to the thyroid cancer specialist who said it was up to me whether I wanted to go to surgery then or wait and watch. Also I consulted with a surgeon who was adamant about just a partial so we focussed on why she didn't want to do a TT. I decided to go to Mayo in Jan. to meet with a top endo and have surgery there if warranted.
Now I am wondering about hurthle cells. Can anyone tell me if everyone has hurthle cells in thyroid?
I believe Reece has said if encapsulated that is where the trouble lies.

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